Some rough recordings :

October 12th 2016

Xmas Song - A first run through of our carol.

30th July 2014

Three Little Birds - a rough recording of the arrangement as a reminder for Sunday at Dunster - forgive me it's far too fast and will be played slower on Sunday. We'll have a few guitars strumming along as well.

Bonse Aba - extended arrangement for Sunday with extra drums (they sound a little drunk in places but we're on the case and will be sober for Sunday !!) The interference is the wind affecting the microphone.

2nd July 2014

Keep on Movin' - for forty minutes work this is really something. Notice the low voices coming in towards the end - really adds something (you'll need to listen on headphones or half decent speakers to hear them)

Bonse Aba - very nearly there - just the end and the queries over those low harmonies to sort plus some drums and claps to add of course. So much rhythm in your voices.

18th June 2014

Happy - three quarters of an hour on this - full of life, a really good omen for the future. So much natural rhythm.

Make You Feel My Love 1
Make You Feel My Love 2
My harmonies aren't quite right and need adjusting slightly. Whilst the recording here isn't ideal in places you can hear the rich warm sound that we need to aim for.

11th June 2014

Higher and Higher. Excellent rhythm and simple harmonies. Still missing the lead vocal part in the chorus (we have yet to introduce this) and also something interesting for the verse. Energy and rhythm. Maybe a bit fast but my doing!

Feelin Groovy - again loads of happy energy. the balance between the different parts isn't right and the bass /tenor part sounds a bit loud but that's as much down to the recording balance as anything else. Again mabe a bt fast.

28th May 2014

Perfect Day - an hour's work, Please bear that in mind. Very early days but the germ of a good arrangement/performance is here. Lead vocals yet to be decided and of course the chorus is just unison at the moment. Loads mre to be done on this. Proper breathing will help the tone of the big backing vocals. I've hard edited this rough recording.

23rd April 2014

Three Little Birds

Recorded on my laptop - warts and all - starts beautifully and gets just a little bit rough towards the end. No worries !

Verdict : Quite fantastic and the laughter says it all.

Street Choir is an independent community music project

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