We've been going since March 2013 and have developed a relaxed repertoire of pop, folk, soul and gospel songs often accompanied by acoustic guitar and percussion. We add a harmony or two here and there and occasionally take on something a bit more challenging.

For me, I really enjoy singing songs with a message - social comment - perhaps thoughts on war and peace, love and loss, freedom and fear. However, I get pulled into line from time to time and as a result we have a great balance of material - some material more fun and often full of laughter, other times something a bit more reflective and considerate. A proper mix of songs to keep us on our toes.

My own background is recording, writing and playing - a lifetime I suppose of music - soul, rock and blues, original music for BBC television plus recordings of everything from opera to thrash, heavy metal, folk, jazz, etc etc

There are about forty of us of whom 25-35 will attend on a weekly basis

Nigel Neill

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